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Monday, July 25, 2011

Figurine for sale

I know It's been over a year blog ani nada update,i've been busy lately.Too busy i guess. Ani pun curi-curi masa, and now i was thinking to sell off my figurine yang ku nda berapa beguna.Just to save up some space for barang baru. So if anyone interested on any of them do let me know and bleh runding lah sikit.

Hasbro and DC (i think) 6 inch Batman,Joker,Mr.Pinguin,The scarecrow & Ghoul Batman $40.00

Hasbro Star Wars Storm Troopers $10.00

Fatastic Four A set of five $40.00 for the whole set
A small katana (nice for deco) $5.00

Bandai Dragon Balls $30
Dragon Ball Son Goku $10

Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Bezeta $10
Super Saiyan Bezeta, around 4inch tall $5.00

Mini Dragon Ball characters all for $10.00

6 inch Normal spiderman and black spiderman both for $10.00 6 inch McFarlene Solid Snake for Metal Gear Solid for $10.00. Don't say "it would be better if this figure still complete in the box", because if it still in box, the price is quite "Cheap".You can check it from Cmdstore.\

Ani aku pun nda tau apa,offer price $5.00 for both. 6 inch Neca Bruce Wilis form Sin City - $5.00

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